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Saturday, July 27, 2013


From CNBC.com, Take two Senate seats, then repeal Obamacare.

Two primary care physicians, Dr. Annette Bosworth of Sioux Falls, S.D., and Dr. Alieta Eck of New Jersey, are running for the Senate. Neither has any political experience, but both are so concerned about the impact of Obamacare that they decided to pursue Senate seats.

Bosworth said she would seek to replace Obamacare with legislation that improves and enhances safeguards to public health, but would remove any individual or employer mandates. She plans to unveil her full plans in the coming weeks. 

Eck, on the other hand, said she will not replace Obamacare with any reforms. To care for the health needs of the poor, she suggests getting every medical doctor to volunteer four hours a week at a health clinic for the needy.

Hey! I had that idea years ago. Not four hours a week, which is more than I would comfortably be willing to donate, but maybe a day a month. Of course, I never had the gumption or the inclination to actually try to implement my idea, which involves telling the government to mind its own business when it comes to caring for patients, telling health insurance companies to go work for the gecko, and reminding the country that the disjointed care patients who can't afford fee-for-service would get from seeing a different doctor at each visit is better than the disjointed care they get from heading to the ER for routine medical care, and is much less expensive.

So, kudos to doctors Bosworth and Eck!

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