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Sunday, November 3, 2013


We did it! Drs. James Amos and George Dawson (of the Real Psychiatry blog) and I created a LinkedIn group entitled, Psychiatry Online Lifelong Learning (POLL).  Here's the description:

This is a free Psychiatry journal club. Links to free articles, along with managers' initial comments, will be posted at regular intervals. Enthusiastic discussion is highly encouraged.
The purpose of this group is to foster professional interaction and collaboration, and to promote the principle of lifelong learning so important to continued growth as a clinician. 
The group is primarily intended for psychiatrists, but anyone with an interest in psychiatry, and a scientific bent, is welcome to apply for membership.
We ask simply that comments be respectful and relevant to the discussion at hand.

And guess what? The first discussion has already begun, kicked off by none other than Dr. James Amos of The Practical Psychosomaticist blog. There's a timely article entitled,

Collaborative Care for Patients with Depression and Chronic Illnesses, byWayne Katon, et al.

So don't delay! Head on over to LinkedIn, and apply for membership. If you don't already have a LinkedIn account, it's free and easy to set one up, and not a bad thing to have, in any case.

We're really excited about this, and we'd like it to be something good for everyone. So please help us, and yourself, out by joining and participating.


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