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Monday, December 30, 2013

Post X-mas

I'm Jewish down to my toenails, and I don't celebrate Christmas. But I happen to think it's a lovely holiday. Colorful lights, shiny ornaments, lots of red, flying fat men, indoor foliage, good will, peace on earth, presents. Sounds nice.

And I have a special fondness for Christmas carols. Not Christmas songs. Please no. Not even Springsteen. Well, maybe a little Springsteen. But I love decking halls and wassailing and gentlemen resting merry and Wenceslas walking in snow.

So this is my 12 countdown for 2013. Yeh, 12 and 11 are lame, but I'll re-post if someone comes up with better ones. Feel free to sing along.

12 Cranial Nerves
11 Brodman Frontal
10 ICD soon
9 ICD now
8 an I-STOP sign
7 RDoC Columns
4 P-Q-R-S
3 Glaxo billions
2 Janssen billions
And god send you a happy new year!

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