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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Bad

I messed up in my past post, Let's Talk about the ACA. I cut and pasted pieces of various drafts, and the part about CoMeBeh, The University of Iowa's program that provides primary care to patients who are already in psychiatric care, makes no sense. The Practical Psychosomaticist called me on it, and rightfully so.

Let me state that my intention in including CoMeBeh in the article, to begin with, was to introduce it to people who might not know about it, as a more sensible approach to integrated care than the Katon model, which refers primary care patients to very limited psychiatric care. At least, I think it's more sensible. I've certainly treated patients who would have benefited immensely from such a program, and it's unfortunate that they didn't have access to it.

The following is closer to what I was trying to get at, and I will change the Let's Talk about the ACA post to include it:

Other models of integrated care exist, such as the Collaborative Medicine and Behavioral Health (CoMeBeh) project at the University of Iowa, in which primary care is provided by physicians rotating through the psychiatry clinic, rather than the other way around. This excellent model is, unfortunately, limited by the fact that it targets a smaller population than the Katon model—those patients already in psychiatric care. 

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