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Friday, April 24, 2015

MOC Survey Results

I've now closed my MOC survey on SurveyMonkey, so let's talk about the responses. There were 11, which is nowhere near as pathetic as previous surveys I've conducted. To those of you who responded, you have my thanks.

To those who didn't, there will always be opportunities down the line, so you didn't miss out too much.

As a reminder, this was a one question survey, and that question is:

Would you be willing to openly boycott the ABPN and refuse to pay the annual C-MOC fee until the Part IV requirement is removed and an effort is made to demonstrate the usefulness of a 10 year exam?

And now, the big reveal:

Most of the people who responded to my survey would be willing to boycott. Since I limited myself to one question, I don't know why the person who wouldn't be willing to boycott feels that way. Or for that matter, why the other 10 feel the way they do.

It might have been interesting to get that information, but my sense is that the shorter the survey, the more likely people are to respond.

What now? I don't know. If the survey is representative of the greater population of C-MOC psychiatrists, then it would be worth trying to organize something. But there's obviously no way to know if it is.

To be honest, I'm a little sad thinking about it. I feel like I don't have the motivation or energy (or time) to push for something organized and bigger, but maybe I would if I thought more people would join me. And I'm guessing that's the way a lot of us feel.

So maybe we stage our own little, individual protests by not paying the annual fee, but we're not formally together as a group, so maybe it doesn't have that much impact. Or maybe money talks regardless of whether the same amount is being withheld by one large collective, or by individuals.

It still feels kind of isolated.

What would you do with this?


  1. I am one of the 10 who said I would boycott. But I am at the end of my career (I'm 58) and when my 10 years is up (2020) I could retire if MOC is required for licensing or insurance panels (I take insurance). So in all honesty my risk in boycotting is less than yours. However, I want to keep practicing past 2020 so I do have desire to see this resolved.

    I am not an optimist (ask anyone who knows me!) but I suspect that one the bigger issues with MOC (part IV) will be resolved by the time you and I need to recert. The tide is turning and I think if you do nothing other than what you are doing (agitating online) you can feel okay about it.

    1. That's nice to hear. I also think the part 4 stuff will go away. I'm just wondering if I can refuse to pay for 9 years, and then pay up at the end if I change my mind.
      And thanks for responding to the survey!