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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Trivia

Fun Facts About Turkeys (most via Wikipedia)

* The domestic or wild turkey is native to North America

* A relative, the ocellated turkey, is native to the Yucatan Peninsula

* Turkeys are classed in the same family, Phasianadae, as partridges and pheasants

* Aside from "turkey", two other animals that end in K-E-Y are "donkey" and "monkey"

* Early Europeans in America incorrectly identified turkeys as a type of guineafowl, thought to originate in Turkey, and began calling them, "turkey fowl", later shortened to "turkey"

* The wild turkey was domesticated at least 2000 years ago

* Young domestic turkeys readily fly short distances

* Turkeys are very social animals, and will identify and attack a turkey alien to the group

* The eggs of some turkey breeds can develop without fertilization

* Hens of the dominant commercial breed must be artificially inseminated, as the mature males are too large to achieve natural fertilization without injuring them

* It is difficult not to overcook a turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

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