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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ICD-10 Changes

I know it's been forever. I have actually been super busy. I still am, but since this is timely and important, I thought I'd post something.

There are ICD-10 changes that go into effect on October 1st. These are intended to correspond to recent changes in DSM-5. I suppose it should now be called DSM-5.1.

These are the changes:

I hope this is helpful.


  1. I notice that if you use an EHR for billing and coding that there are hundreds if not thousands of excessive diagnoses and codes for standard psychiatric disorders. This is less relevant now than when all of the critics were complaining about the number of DSM diagnosis and the "medicalization" of the American population.

    That argument is somewhat of a joke relative to any EHR using ICD-10 codes. With that system you can literally put in a diagnosis for anything. When I pull up a basic depression code - I see a list that is longer than all of the diagnoses in the DSM-5.

    In that light - I don't think a few code changes is going to make a difference.

    Where are the critics of ICD-10?

    1. I'm okay with ICD-10. I just feel sorry for internists and others who have so many more codes to choose from than I.
      I posted this because I want to make sure patients' reimbursements aren't withheld due to incorrect coding.
      Some of the diagnoses aren't relevant for my practice. I have not seen an adult with Pica. But others are. So now I'm keeping the chart on my screen and consulting it while I do billing.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. Missed you!