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Sunday, April 28, 2013

And The Winner Is...

The results of my completely non-scientific and woefully under-sampled survey are in. Thanks to everyone who filled it out, and for those of you who didn't, I haven't lost faith in you for next time, whenever that turns out to be.

Drumroll, please (percentages rounded):

1. Which change in the new DSM-5 (as opposed to the old DSM-5) do you think will do the most harm?

Binge Eating-11%
Disruptive Mood Regulation Disorder-11%
Removal of Multi-Axial System-11%

2. Which change in DSM-5 do you think will do the most good?

Chapter Rearrangement-33%
Gender Dysphoria-22%
Removal of Multi-Axial System-11%

3. Do you plan to buy the DSM-5 when it's released?


4. Do you think DSM-5 will change the way you practice?

Yes, in a bad way-11%
Yes, in a good way-0%

Since I didn't ask people to explain their reasoning in the survey, I don't know why they feel the way they feel. However, I'm going to empathically place myself in the minds of those who voted for the winners, and try to write about why I, as them, would have chosen as I did, and also about what the literature shows. FYI, not all of the results agreed with my own opinion, but I think the occasional exercise in empathy is a good thing.

I'll cover Bereavement and Chapter Rearrangement in another post, but I just want to comment on the last two results. Think about it. Most people do not plan to buy the new DSM, and no one thinks it's publication, nay, existence, is a good thing.

Um, APA, you worked on this for years, with all the attendent Sturm und Drang, and no one thinks it'll do any good. What gives?

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  1. I hope it will be still written in plain English so some psych patients can diagnose themselves