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Saturday, November 10, 2012

CME-The Questions

First up on my agenda is to make it easy for myself to earn CME, preferably for free. As a member of the APA, I naively thought I could earn free CME from the Green Journal just because I have a subscription. Not so. You have to pay each month, if you want to earn the 1 point of CME they offer.

Last year, I subscribed to Focus, the APA's CME journal that allows you, POTENTIALLY, to earn your 50 points of CME. This cost me $300 and didn't prove that useful. So this year, I need a better way.

Here are some questions I need answered:

1. How many points of CME do I need each year, in order to meet requirements for Board recertification?

2. What kind of CME? Is it all category 1, or am I allowed some category 2? And what are these categories?

3.Where do I find the CME, if I don't want to attend grand rounds at the hospital I'm affiliated with?

4. What is the real educational value of the various CME I can get?

5. What qualifies as self-assessment and performance in practice, and how do I get these?

6. How can I keep track of my CME, if I get it from multiple places?

To be continued...