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Friday, November 30, 2012

I Was Inspired

In my last post, I simplified the leap from 99212 to 99213:

99213 = 6 exam elements and 1 ROS

So I started to wonder if I could have an equally simple mantra for 99214.

Well...not really.

But let me see what I can do.

The problem is that for a 99214 exam, you need 12 elements from 2 or more organ systems. Not gonna happen. So the Exam is not going to help here, which leaves History and MDM.


You need a Detailed History, which includes 4 elements of HPI, 2 ROS systems, and 1 PFSH.

Can I make that easy for myself?

Hx x 4, Psych + 1, and Allergies.

Not so easy.

The good news is that MDM is not that hard. Either 1 worsening condition or 2 stable conditions counts.

So for MDM: 1 worse or 2 same.

And here's the 99214 Montra:

99214 = Hx x 4, Psych + 1, Allergies, 1 worse or 2 same

Not really jingle-worthy, but could be worse. Could be raining.