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Saturday, November 10, 2012

For Next Time

I'm posting this so I have a lasting reminder of everything that needs to get done when you move to a new office.

Not that I'm planning to move any time soon. Or ever. But I didn't plan on the last move, either. The people I was subleasing from just didn't realize they had a demolition clause in their lease.

These are the general categories:

Phone Change/Installation
Address Change
Hire Movers
Get New Stationary

Doesn't look that bad, right? Let's have a closer look, shall we?

These are all the address changes that need to be made:

Post Office
Office Insurance
Malpractice Insurance
License Registration
New Prescription Pads
Phone Carrier
Professional Organizations
Hospital Affiliations
Medical School Affiliations
Insurance Panels/Medicare/Medicaid.
Tax ID#
Department of Health

Now be sure to note that you can't get new prescription pads until you have your new DEA documentation, and you can't get that until you have your new license registration.

And I won't even get into what it takes to get your new phone installed. You try to keep your old number, because that's how your patients know to reach you. (Please disregard if you use a cell phone for your office. Ever since the big blackout in 2003, I just prefer a land line.) You wait around all day for them, and instead, they show up the next day when you're with a patient. And then they complain that it's a really complicated job. Or even better, they tell you they don't install in your building.

It feels so good to rant. Really, I just wanted to have all the info in one place.