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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tracking CME

I just bought an app to track my CME on my iphone. It's called, CMEasy, and it cost me $1.99. I know people complain about the cost of apps, but honestly, most of the apps I use are free, and if the occasional one costs a dollar or two, really, no biggee. It's less than a cappuccino.

Up til now, I've been saving my certificates on my computer, and on Google Docs. It's a bit of a pain, uploading and moving things to the right place.

I looked around online for a tracker, but most are associated with sites to earn CME. The Epocrates CME app lets you track external credit, but it has all these drop down menus, and I know I won't bother.

The CMEasy app is nice. It lets you create templates for frequently used sources of CME. So, for example, I have a "Carlat" template, with a standard 1.0 CME credits. You can change the number of credits, if appropriate. It gives you a place to jot down notes, and it records the date.

It keeps a pie chart of all your CME by category type. You can create your own categories, including AMA Category 1 or 2, etc. The one real drawback is that it doesn't keep a copy of any certificates, just your word on what you've earned. But I figure as long as I have a list of where I earned the CME, I can always find the certificate. All-in-all, it's simple and intuitive, which means I'll probably use it.

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